#Climate change and interest rate

Time banking system look at providing differential interest rate basis pollution index or climate impact of goods, additional money used for funding to support UN goals for 2030

#Cash on Delivery

Does Cash on Delivery posses threat to AML, with growing e-commerce business in many a developing countries, time regulators re-think

Payment Banks

Where do Banks profitability go from here with present economic conditions - Payment Banks will it compliment or will it Supplement 

Currency - What Next ?

Will Africa come out with its own currency to help trade between its countries and be more innovative unlike EU to give more flexibility and avoid challenges like we had in Greece?  

Banking Applications a journey and a New Way Forward

Banking applications are still a distance away from making the application more appealing to customer as against the rest of the industry

SWIKT - Society for World Wide International KYC and Transaction Monitoring

Organization like SWIFT to help handle KYC and Monitoring of Transaction to help improve health of the economy 

Use Rail with Solar Power & connect to needy to help improve Wealth and Economy

Bridge Railway & Post Network to help improve the wealth by bridging supply & sales for Rural Citizens

Powering connectivity to improve economy & distribution of wealth

The Post Office can be enabled to become the global giant in e-commerce, this will power rural areas to connect to the mainstream economy

More to come

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7 steps for healthy #finsystem and to help #reducepoverty

UNDP has 17 goals to help transform world and make world a better place to be in.  Key for its success is to improve #finsystem, time to take 7 steps now

CLIBOR - Climate Linked London Interbank Offer Rate

The way to help fund climate change UN projects.Time for #Finsystem to support funding by linking emission to interest charged

SWIFT  and Straight Through Process​


SWIFT has an opportunity to help improve straight through payment processing at Banks end?

Sanctions and Cloud 

Regulators and Banks continue to fight various challenges and spending large amount of money to improve control over the money flow - is cloud the answer?

PostBank.com – The bank for the development of Mankind

Will the Government/Regulators come together to help leverage the post office/bank network to help the needy to bank and connect the to world ? 

Regulators – Need a paradigm shift?  Have Regulators learn't from the past and corrected it? If we were to make a cartoon show, will it resemble Tom and Jerry show?

Remittance at 1USD, achieve World Banks goal of reduced cost of remittance

How  World Bank and Post Office can help migrant workers to reduce Cost of Remittance 


One of the first technological change which bought in remote banking concept to a reality, what next for ATMs, where do we move from here, do need them or we shape them

Operations Risks –  Is there an opportunity to bring in radical change and help bank be smarter in managing risk. Time banks step

Middleware in Payments - Are they relevant in today's context

With all the changes continuing to happen, with cost pressure… Investing in middleware is something banks should look at? Time to re-think

Sanctions – can Regulators make course correction 

Regulators should reflect on the way sanctions are being handled, opportunity lies with Regulators to do a course correction for better

Let's Change the way we Bank, simple solutions can make financial system better & help serve humanity better!

Will banks stay afloat among #fintech challenge and with inadequate financial system? Here are some of the possible challenges ....

What state will banks be when #Millennial Inherit

​A tough time for Millennial to get banking system to be ahead of the curve? Wil Millennial make it?

How can the Govt., Regulators and Banks stop Black Money

Expand ECONOMY, Eliminate Black Money and Improve Tax revenue and enable governments improve on Social Security

Sanctions – Time we move ahead of the curve

In today's environment, is Country greater challenge then individuals or groups, it is time for regulators to work together and move step ahead

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Who will win the race for being the leading #fintech?

Tech giants or e-commerce companies will have the advantage to take the space of leading fintech company, who will challenge banks in their business?

#SWIKT - Society for Worldwide International KYC and Transaction monitoring - A quick view on how SWIKT will get data and how it can help identify along reducing burden on Banks and Governments


Society for Worldwide International KYC and Transaction monitoring - The tool to facilitate Know Your Customer and help ease the citizens to take credit/facility


Helping build a better economy, time World moves away from currency notes accept e-NOTES , help improve distribution of wealth and improve Tax collection