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Every person has something valuable to share, especially in banking most of us are denied of information, instead of limiting knowledge, we connect you with people, people who know a thing or two about banking. From Managers to AVPs to VPs we will give you access to their notes and articles and facts. 

There's a lot of information that is missed at a global level, we want that information to be available to all bankers and to the common crowd. We want to bring debates that happen on a global scale to your home and have your views said. 

Common people lack understanding of banks, they do not know what RBI does except for minting currency :) we want every person to know what banks are for and how they operate and for people who already know a great deal about banks, we want you to improve, make changes, provide suggestions for better banking.

Real time example: A game that was developed for a certain bank to help trainees learn about International and Local Transactions  proved to be the most successful training exercise by increasing the learning curve by 60%, 3 in every batch have managed to score a 100% with our help. 

We use gaming technology and graphics for developing mobile applications and games, this will help us understand Banks and their operations. The games are designed and developed for Banks and our site's users. Individuals from banks are involved all through development and production. 

Applications for NeXtGen Banking. 

Our applications are cross-platform, they're made available on Android, iOS, Windows and Web. Applications are compatible with most of the devices available on the market. 

All of our mobile applications are free, but a few of our games and apps display small ad banners to support development and maintenance. Most of these applications are educational and knowledgeable, imparting fun with learning. The games are made to be played by all age groups. Some of our games and applications can be used for Training and Orientation, feel free to contact us for more information. 

What do we develop on?
We have developers that work on multiple platforms, our mobile and web applications are mostly developed on Java, however the games we develop require third party game engines:

  • Unity3D
  • CryEngine 
  • Unreal Engine
  • Indie and open source libraries

We also support projects that follow Open Standards. Developers are welcome to email us for source code, documentation or frameworks that we use. 

About Mobile Apps and Gaming

Practical Use 

Work is in progress, more to come soon. 


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NeXtGen Banking (NGB) is an entity made of group of Individuals whose goal is to simplify Banking and make Banking better for every one.

The areas include - Digitalize Money, leverage Post Bank, simplify Know your client process, reduce risk, reducing cost to banks, ways SWIFT can improve to help smoother flow of transactions etc. along with looking at overall aspects to help improve banking system to serve customer better and improve wealth of the needy

We also want to improve knowledge of the people who work in bank or associated with bank, few concepts like Gaming in Banking, making knowledge available to staff in a simpler way etc.


NeXtGen Banking


What does Banking have to do anything with Games and Mobile Applications? Banking to a layman has always been boring, not many people want to learn more about banking and how the world of banking works. With games people are tricked into learning through questionnaire and challenges making the learning, fun. 

If you're from old school out thought like most of us and want to learn things through reading, we update our website every other week with intriguing content, discussing new topics or debating on the not so perfect ones in the World of Banking. 

The Connection 

Knowledge Base


Let's Change the way we Bank, simple solutions can make financial system better to help serve humanity better!

Read our articles on our page - Thoughts and blogs to get some of the ways we can address our day to day challenge

Case Studies, Notes & Games


You can learn a lot about Gamification, a banking game can be as simple like SWIFT transfer without errors or as complex as establishing a Bank yourself. You can reach out to us for more details


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Let's Change Banking to Something We Love

You can write to us for any query or details

The Knowledge Base

Is the knowledge base free? 


How can I share my views?

This is a closed forum, you can send your views below as an email, which will be made available on the website in the order it was received.

How can I like someone's entry?

Although we don't have a direct option for likes, you're welcome to write to us through email or send a document that contains your views on the entry.

Journals are written and submitted for viewing and sharing by Bankers from all over the world. Entries will address views, changes & improvements that are required in Banking.