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What does Banking have to do future of the world?

Banking has helped shaped many an individuals, industries and government in the past and have great opportunity to build one for future.  Today, money play much larger role than that it was few decades back,  a simple example was that of 2008 crisis.  Till date the impact is seen and its impact will take many more years before it goes out.  In the meantime we are facing greater environmental challenges, there is great amount of money needed today to support various challenges coming in the way of humanity.  To support Paris Climate Change agreement, billions of dollar is needed year on year, here banks have a great opportunity to support and make the world better. In days to come, future generation should feel proud of banking system.

Knowledge in banking system have gone down, this in days to come will have a greater impact, time banking looks at newer way of learning to help improve the knowledge of staff and to help server humanity.  Gaming and Apps will play a great way to step up banking staff, time to re-define.

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Journals are written and submitted for viewing and sharing by Bankers from all over the world. Entries will address views, changes & improvements that are required in Banking.

Let's Change the way we Bank, simple solutions can make financial system better & help serve humanity better!

NeXtGen Banking (NGB) is about simplify Banking and make life better for every one.

The concepts shared includes - Digital Money, leverage Post Bank, simplify Know your client process, reduce risk, reducing cost to banks, ways SWIFT can improve to help smoother flow of transactions etc. along with looking at overall aspects to help improve banking system to serve customer better and improve wealth of the needy.

It is time Banks and Financial System step up and support various challenges facing humanity.  Time we start looking at Banking for humanity beyond 2100 AD, invest now to help build a greater future.

It is also important to improve knowledge of the people who work in bank or associated with bank, few concepts like Gaming in Banking, can help banking staff to step up knowledge and think beyond what is being done today.


Work is in progress, more to come soon. 


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